Carole Crews

Carole Crews approaches natural building as an artist.  Drawing from tradition and her own experiments she is able to use many of the same materials in the studio and on the construction site to create luscious surfaces,  As a girl making mud pies in an old adobe village near Taos, New Mexico, she never imagined that her play would lead to a career, but after earning her degree in art at U.T. Austin and participating in an adobe building project in 1975, she discovered the compelling nature of clay surfaces and their possibilities as an artistic medium as well.  She collaborated with the late Lori Lawyer in 1990 to start “Gourmet Adobe” and has also built an adobe dome with additions west of Taos which offers ample opportunities for ongoing experiments.

Carole has taught at many Natural Building Colloquia over a 15 year period and has contributed to several books including The Art of Natural Building and Alternative Construction; Contemporary Natural Building Methods. Now her own self-published 220 page book illustrated with 285 black and white photographs, Clay Culture: Plasters, Paints and Preservation, is available for sale. Enjoy!